Julie Hedgepeth Williams – 8/9 @ 7 PM

Liberty Books is proud to partner with Gwinnett County Public Libraries to host Julie Hedgepeth Williams on August 9th! Join us at 7 PM as Julie speaks and shares from her latest title, Three Not-So-Ordinary Joes.

LOCATION: Liberty Books, 176 W Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Description of Three Not-So-Ordinary Joes:

“One of the more eccentric figures in the antebellum South was Joseph Addison Turner, born to the plantation and trained to run one. All he really wanted to do, though, was to be a famous writer―and to be the founder of Southern literature. He tried and failed and tried and failed at publishing magazines, poems, books, articles, journals, all while halfheartedly running a plantation. When the Civil War broke out, he no longer had access to New York publishers, and in his frustration it dawned on him that he could throw a newspaper press into an outbuilding on his Georgia plantation. Furthermore, his newspaper would be modeled on The Spectator, the literary newspaper of the early 1700s by Joseph Addison, for whom Turner was named. The Spectator in its day, and 150 years later in Turner’s day, was considered high literature. Turner carefully copied Addison’s style and philosophy―and it worked! His newspaper, The Countryman―the only newspaper ever published on a plantation―was one of the most widely read in the Confederacy. Following Addison’s lead, Turner suggested that slaves should be treated well, lauded the contributions of women, and featured humorous copy. And, of course, his paper celebrated Southern culture and creativity. As Turner urged in The Countryman, the South could never be a great nation if all it did was fight. It needed art―it needed literature! And he, J. A. Turner himself, would lead the way.”