Liberty Books is about Freedom.

Your Freedom.  Our Freedom.  The Freedom of All.

The Freedom to Save Money

We believe is providing our customers with real value. Because of that, we try to discount everything we can!

With over 50,000 gently used books in stock all the time, you can get more books for your buck. Trade in your old books and enjoy another 50% off! (It is not unusual to see our customers loading up baskets full.)

We keep the best-sellers in stock new as well, discounted 10% – 40%, and you can order any book in print through for 25% off the list price (typically arrive in 2 – 3 days).

The Freedom to Save Your Family…

…From filth. These days, many bookstores seem to walk in lock step with Hollywood and a secular culture that’s determined to push the moral envelope and celebrate depravity. Liberty Books is unique in that we reject that culture.

When it comes to books, Liberty Books has plenty of “health food” and “junk food,” but we work hard to make sure that we never sell “poison”. If we believe a title is likely to cause harm, you will not find it on our shelves.

At Liberty Books, you will have the freedom to walk our aisles with you children, confident that they will not see scantily-clad people on covers, or inadvertently pick up a book filled with harmful content.

The Freedom to Save Spiritually

Liberty Books is a Christian-based, general content bookstore. The owners believe in the power of the Christian message to transform lives, to end racism, addictions, and other forms of oppression, and to free people from broken pasts.

As such, we love to support our local churches, other Christian ministry efforts, and highlight effective Christian resources among our content that work towards those ends.

The Freedom to Save Others

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It has reached epidemic levels globally, and Metro Atlanta has one of the worst trafficking problems in the United States.

Liberty Books realized it could not sit on the sidelines during this epic battle for freedom, and so we have been a financial supporter of effective ministries that fight trafficking in Atlanta for many years.

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